Tory Christie

Scientist and Storyteller

A biologist is a scientist who studies life, or more specifically, the relationship between living things and their environment. Did you know that koalas sleep for about 22 hours per day? When they are not sleeping, they eat eucalyptus leaves.

There are all kinds of biologists. An ornithologist is a biologist who studies birds.

A marine biologist studies life in the oceans, like jellyfish. A group of jellyfish is called a smack.

Official Bio

Tory Christie is a scientist by day, working as both a geologist and hydrologist. She also writes children’s books about science, technology, and nature. When it is light outside, she studies rocks and water and the rest of the environment. After dark, she writes silly science stories that kids and adults can laugh about. Her latest series follows the life of Curious McCarthy, a little girl who desperately wants to be a scientist, but is just not sure how to go about it. Tory Christie lives in Fargo, North Dakota.

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